Show Horse Consignment

Selling a horse is not as easy as it used to be, even 10 or 20 years ago. Today, the use of just one marketing avenue is not enough; you need to campaign your horse in places it hasn’t been seen time and again, engage in print and electronic media, and keep your horse somewhere that has the “traffic” to promote.

We offer a unique consignment program with two engagement options to fit your needs.
  • Traditional Consignment: This program is best suited for a seasoned campaigner that needs heavy multi-channel promotion and to be campaigned in new markets. It offers a traditional consignment training rate package and a low sale commission.
  • Low Expense Consignment: This unique program is designed to assist you in placing your quality stock, while significantly reducing your current monthly expenses. The Low Expense Consignment program allows you to market your equine asset without the normal up-front exposure to the monthly cost. Examples of situations where this program is helpful could be career changes, life changes, or an estate asset dispersal.

Depending on your ability to stay engaged through the sale process and the marketing program designed for your horse, you may be able to present your horse at competition. Or, if that is not possible or does not match the marketing program, Farmington Green does have qualified catch riders available to help present your stock in the ring.

Consignment Packages


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Low commission package:

  • $850/mo $600/mo training and maintenance
  • 10% sale commission (seller side only)
  • Campaign expenses billed monthly at cost

High commission / low expense package:

  • $400/mo training and maintenance
  • 40% sale commission (seller side only)
  • Campaign expenses funded by FG and deducted from sale proceeds