Show Horse Training

Farmington Green offers a training program for select individuals and quality stock. Our program is unique, and is not designed for those who wish to heavily campaign in a limited regional area. In support of our consignment program, we attend 6-8 carefully selected competitions each year, often well out of our home market area.

Our training program fees are all-inclusive, so you won’t be billed for farrier work, standard veterinary care, show care, transportation, or little things like blanket washing and body clipping. Your only expenses beyond the monthly training bill will be for direct campaign expenses such as stabling, class fees, office fees, etc. If this program is for you, and you want to be a serious competitor in a variety of markets, please consider contacting us for more information. 

Training package for the Campaigner: $2000/mo all inclusive

The campaigner training program features at no additional cost:

  • Preparation and maintenance of you and your equine athlete
  • Standard Farrier care
  • Standard veterinary care
  • Transportation to/from horse shows
  • Show care fees
  • Standard stable maintenance (body clipping, blanket washing, etc.)

Non-competing training package for the Prospect: $850/mo

The non-competing training program features:

  • Preparation of your equine athlete
  • Standard stable maintenance (body clipping, blanket washing, etc.)
  • Actual expenses billed monthly at cost